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Any healthy community relies on its educated citizenry for sustained culture. At the UOG Endowment Foundation, gifts in the form of private funds, are channeled to support new facilities and learning activities, endowed scholarships, the hiring of students for internships and special projects, major research efforts, and unique community projects. The UOG Endowment Foundation has been a part of UOG’s successes for over 20 years.

You can identify an existing activity as a beneficiary or it can be used for general assistance to the University and to help build the Foundation’s Endowment Fund. Building the Endowment will allow the University to provide even more assistance to students and programs in the future.

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Celebrating the Triton Spirit Capital Campaign

A Five-Year Campaign

The UOG Celebrating the Triton Spirit Capital Campaign is a giving opportunity that provides businesses and individuals who wish to pledge their support for the UOG Physical Master Plan different levels of support. Your donation can be spread out over a 60-month period (five years). All money raised by the University of Guam Endowment Foundation for the Celebrating the Triton Spirit Capital Campaign will be used to finance the facility priorities as identified in the UOG Physical Master Plan.

The Mangilao Education Economic Zone (MEEZ)

The Mangilao Education Economic Zone (MEEZ) is a significant commuter zone that links three key educational institutions in Guam where 8,000 students and 1,200 employees come and go at any point during the weekday. New development projects inside and outside the University campus make the MEEZ an exciting location for economic as well as educational development. Not only will the Physical Master Plan enhance the appearance of the University campus, but the local community surrounding the campus will benefit as well. What can be witnessed in many college towns across the world can be created in the MEEZ, which holds the potential for thriving economic growth.

Triton Developers

The University of Guam Physical Master Plan continues the success that the university has built for sixty years and ensures another sixty years of growth and achievement.  The Triton Developers are instrumental in building a 21st-century campus. This fundraising strategy is designed to attract different levels of support, and high levels of sponsorship include Naming Opportunities and recognition across UOG's beautiful campus. We welcome contributions from $60 to $100,000 toward this campaign effort:

21st-Century Visionaries – $100,000+
21st-Century Leaders – $60,000+
21st-Century Architects – $6,000+
21st-Century Planners – $600+
21st-Century Builders – $60+

Campus Tours

We stand ready to welcome you to our campus to see first-hand the potential of your gift to the Celebrating the Triton Spirit Capital Campaign. For a personal campus tour and journey through the UOG Physical Master Plan, please call our office at 735-2955/6/7, and we will be happy to arrange your visit according to your scheduling needs.

Please click here to download payroll deduction form.

60-Hour Club

The 60-Hour Club is a unique and economical way of supporting the Celebrating the Triton Spirit Capital Campaign. As a member of the 60-Hour Club, you commit to donating 60 hours of your salary toward the University of Guam Physical Master Plan. Your contribution ensures a sustainable campaign well into the future.

How to Join

Setting up the 60-Hour Club is simple and easy through Payroll Deduction Forms and collaboration with your Human Resource Office.

  • Employer :
    • Step 1: Sign an MOU and establish payment details with the UOG Endowment Foundation.
    • Step 2: Obtain copies of Payroll Deduction Form from the UOG Endowment Foundation.
  • Employee :
    • Complete Payroll Deduction Form and submit to your Human Resource and Payroll department.
    • Please click here to download form.
    • For your convenience, click here to download 60-Hour Club Worksheet to calculate your deduction.
  • Once this process is complete and you see the first deduction on your paystub, you are considered a 60-Hour Club Stakeholder

Estate and Gift Planning

A growing number of alumni and friends support the University of Guam through financial or estate planning. This process is known as gift planning, and the gifts are referred to as planned gifts.

Planned gifts can be made now or deferred to a later time; some gifts will enable you to support the University of Guam, receive tax benefits, and sustain your current lifestyle. Such gifts include bequests through a will, retirement plan assets, and charitable trusts.

Donors considering a legacy of giving may do so by recognizing and naming the University of Guam in their estate plan.

Triton Monthly Partners

The Triton Business Program is a partnership made between the University of Guam and local businesses that offers “Triton Specials,” in which a portion of the proceeds from the specific item gets donated to the Capital Campaign. In exchange, the University of Guam will promote your business during the month, through media, and your contribution will be recognized by the UOG Endowment Foundation. Please contact our office to find out how your company can become a Triton Monthly Partner today!