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James A. Marsh, Jr., Ph.D

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Emeritus Professor Gives Back

"I see this scholarship as a way of giving back to Guam and its people and to the University of Guam, which have been so good to me," said Dr. Marsh. "I especially want to encourage and help support graduate students in pursuing thesis research that will serve not only as a learning experience but will also contribute to an appreciation and understanding of the environment and resources upon which the people of Guam and Micronesia depend. I hope that this scholarship will encourage the pursuit of excellence by the institution and by individual students. Lastly, I hope that this will serve as an example to encourage other Professors Emeritus to also establish scholarships for the benefit of future UOG students and to feel like a continuing part of the UOG family," he added.

Students marvel at marine life at UOG's Marine Lab during Charter Day 2016

Get to know Dr. Marsh

Dr. James A. Marsh, Jr., as a newly hired Assistant Professor, was one of the original UOG Marine Laboratory faculty members when the facility opened in 1970.  Over the years he was promoted through the ranks to Professor and received tenure, and he served for three years as a director of the Marine Laboratory.  The UOG Water Resources Research Center (which later became the Water and Environmental Research Institute) was established under his acting directorship in 1975; he served a year in the position at that time and later served again as acting director.  Dr. Marsh, Jr. was Dean of Graduate Studies and Research for four and a half years.  Upon his retirement from UOG, he was named Professor Emeritus of Marine Biology.  

About the Scholarship

In November 2015, Dr. Marsh endowed the James A. Marsh, Jr. Scholarship in Marine Biology or Water Resources.  This scholarship will support a graduate student enrolled in a thesis program in marine biology or water resources.  Graduate students can anticipate the awarding of this scholarship in 2019.