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Any healthy community relies on its educated citizenry for sustained culture. At the UOG Endowment Foundation, gifts in the form of private funds, are channeled to support new facilities and learning activities, endowed scholarships, the hiring of students for internships and special projects, major research efforts, and unique community projects. The UOG Endowment Foundation has been a part of UOG’s successes for over 20 years.

You can identify an existing activity as a beneficiary or it can be used for general assistance to the University and to help build the Foundation’s Endowment Fund. Building the Endowment will allow the University to provide even more assistance to students and programs in the future.

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How is the Foundation funded?

People just like you give in any number of ways to the University of Guam through the UOG Endowment Foundation. For information on donating and/or becoming a donor, click here.

Why am I getting telephone calls from the Foundation?

The UOG Endowment Foundation seeks to build nurturing relationships with our community. Our student-run call-center is focused on reaching out to community stakeholders to offer philanthropic and in-kind service opportunities.

Who governs the Foundation?

Membership in the UOG Endowment Foundation is defined by our Board of Directors as all donors, all UOG Regents, the UOG President, the UOG Vice President for Operation and Support Services, the UOG Alumni Association President, and the Director of Grants for UOG. The members of the UOG Endowment Foundation elect its Board of Directors to govern the business of the organization, set policies, and be its fiduciaries. Directors are community volunteers giving their time and energy to provide direction for the UOG Endowment Foundation. For information on our Board of Directors, click here.

Who decides how the money is invested?

Donors making gifts via the Inter-Web are provided a plethora of options to decide where the value of their gifts goes. Give now.

Donors using more manual processes can choose between a Restricted Donor Agreement which affords donors the best opportunity to formulate their intentions; or

An Unrestricted Donor Agreement which transfers that responsibility to the UOG Endowment Foundation. In these cases, our Board of Directors decides which financial management services, banking institutions, etc. will provide better returns toward our overall goals.

In deciding just how to give, you are encouraged to consider some options that make the most of your gift – including some information on tax-related benefits. Click here for more.

How can I afford to help a campus and/or program?

The UOG Endowment Foundation wants to make giving to the University of Guam as pain-free and personally rewarding as possible. With automated philanthropic opportunities as low as $5.00/mo., and with donor celebration activities throughout the year, we truly want to make it worth your while. To see just how easy it is to give, click here.

What services does the Endowment Foundation provide for the University of Guam?

To better serve the University of Guam, the UOG Endowment Foundation is a channel for donors to give a wide range of gifts. We invest and reinvest funds in real property or personal property of every kind and nature, including bonds, coporate or common preferred stocks, or securities of any type and character. We hold fund-raisers and sponsor fund-raising activities. And we provide a means for volunteers and service organizations to engage in activities that benefit the University of Guam. To discover just how YOU can give to UOG, contact us directly.

Why is there an administrative fee?

Not all Endowment Foundation activities require an Administrative Fee. However, in cases of such fees, monies are either used to support our lean operations or they are reinvested for long-term support of our mission.

The AY2013-2014 UOG Fact Book is now available on the UOG website (click here).

If you have other questions, please feel free to contact us via our secure form.